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Youth Week of Prayer

March 20 - March 27
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Hey Youth Leaders,

Global Youth Day is coming up soon – and we want to encourage you to start planning with your youth groups how you might like to get involved!
How will you “Be the sermon” in these interesting times? How will you reach out to those around you?

What is Global Youth Day?
Global Youth Day reminds us that there is a lot more to religious faith than simply going to church and listening to sermons. The true practice of religion involves the revelation of God’s love in living out Jesus’s gospel commission as He bade us to before He ascended to heaven: through all manners of selfless acts that point a desperately needy world to the ultimate hope of the better world He has made possible for us. Grounded in the concluding words of Jesus in the parable of the Good Samaritan, “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:25-37), the theme of the Global Youth Day is “Be the sermon.”

How can you get involved?
More than just hearing a sermon on March 20, we are encouraging youth around the world to “be the sermon” in their communities!

Check out the GYD website (https://youth.adventist.org/GYD) for more details about GYD, ideas on how to get involved, and tips on getting ready for GYD.

Youth Week of Prayer begins in the evening after GYD. Check out https://youth.adventist.org/Resources/Week-of-Prayer for prayer materials, sermons, reflection questions, and power point templates. Gather your youth and it’s all ready for you!

Global Youth Day: Sabbath, March 20
Youth Week of Prayer: Sabbath, 20st March – Saturday 27th of March.

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Tag @vicyouthaustralia and @gcyouthministries on Instagram with photos. VicYouth would also love to hear from you if you’re organising something for GYD, so that we can share it around with other people who might like to join in and “Be the sermon.”

VicYouth Team

Start: March 20
End: March 27