Life is not meant to be lived alone. In fact, God hates loneliness. You were created to experience life in community, and that’s why at VicYouth we encourage you to get into a life group.

A life group is a group of three or more people who gather each week in a home, cafe, Sabbath School, workplace, or online. In a group, you’ll hang out, study the Word, pray, serve and minister together. Ready to dive in? Find a group that fits you or start one of your own.

Life groups are communities of young adults who do life together. They enjoy a varied range of activities including, connecting with God through Bible study, connecting with each other through social time spent together, and connecting with the community through service. The groups will also do spontaneous things together in the normal context of life. For example, go to a footy match, go out for dinner, go for a run, or walk the thousand steps. If you would like to be part of a warm and friendly community with a faith-based background, a life group would be perfect for you. Why not give one a shot today! We have youth groups and leaders right across Victoria.

Contact us at and we’ll get you connected with a life group near you.