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Ministry Resources

Our purpose at VicYouth is to equip and resource the local church so that your youth group is set up for success, even when you feel like you’ve run out of ideas. This page highlights some of our favourite personal and ministry resources. We’d love to hear if you know of any great resources to include on this page or in the google sheet below. You’re always invited to email us or speak to us for resources, support, and encouragement.

Youth Leader Resources

VicYouth Resources Google Sheet
a compilation of great Bible study resources, podcasts, creative commons image repositories and more.


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LifeGroup Guides

LifeGroups are a really great way to get your youth connected, both spiritually and socially. Below are some Bible study methods and guides that might work for your group. There is no one right way to run your life group, but you should always strive to include community, food, and scripture.

Deep_and_Wide_Youth_Ministry – Guide

Deep & Wide Youth Ministry is a ministry philosophy that prayerfully pushes our teenagers to go wider into the world with the gospel (evangelism) so that they will grow deeper in their relationship with God (discipleship).

Life Groups – Facilitator Guide (Burwood Church)

A simple step-by-step guide in planning and running a LifeGroup.

DO LIFE TOGETHER – LifeGroup Bookmark (VicYouth)

A bookmark guide for participants to follow and prompt discussion.

Discovery Bible Reading (Peter Roenfeldt)

Another bookmark guide for participants to follow and prompt discussion.

World Changers Bibles

VicYouth has a supply of World Changers Bibles that are available for purchase.  Each set (Bible and pamphlet) is $5 AUD for purchase – a bargain!

This is a great opportunity for missional outreach and also to ensure that every youth in our church has a copy of the Bible in a great translation.

Email vicyouth@adventist.org.au to arrange an order.

To learn more about the world-changers Bible project, visit: https://disciple.org.au/resources/world-changers-bible-resources/

Free Leadership Books

We have a number of book resources at the VicYouth office that you are welcome to take for free. You can pick it up from the office at any time or we can ship it to you (you’ll just pay for the cost of shipping). As of June 2021, below are the titles that we have available:

The Making of A Leader (Second Edition) – Dr J. Robert Clinton
Serious Fun – Mark Collard
Hero Maker (Five Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders) – Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird
28 Stories (Exploring the Adventist Faith) – David Edgren
Manifest – Edited by Nathan Brown and Joanna Darby
Do Justice – Edited by Nathan Brown and Joanna Darby
For the One – Edited by Nathan Brown with Alex Bryan and Japhet De Oliveira
Meet Generation Z (Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World) – James Emery White
Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds (Expert Advice on the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People) – Dr Ramesh Manocha
Nurturing Young Minds (Mental Wellbeing in the Digital Age) – Dr Ramesh Manocha
Calling – Troy Fitzgerald
A Practical Guide to Discovering God’s Will – Troy Fitzgerald
Teen Talk – Girl Talk – Sharon Witt
Teen Talk – Guy Talk – Sharon Witt
Teen Talk – Stories for Teens – Sharon Witt
Teen Talk – Parent Talk – Sharon Witt

Support Services for youth/teens/kids

Beyondblue – national depression initiative

Kids Help Line -they care, they listen, at any time, for any reason

Lifeline – Suicide prevention, crisis support and Mental Health Services

CCYP – The Commission for Children and Young People