Moe Stiles

Chaplain for Tertiary Institutions

Pastor Moe Stiles is the chaplain for tertiary institutions in Victoria. In addition to providing on-campus support at Monash and Deakin, she leads the Victorian Adventists Students Association (VicASA), which exists to support tertiary students in Victoria more broadly. The VicASA team hosts events to encourage, support and cheer on young adult students as they navigate their season of life.

Moe also serves as Pastor at Crosswalk Melbourne and Chaplain for AdventCare Whitehorse. while also pursuing postgraduate study in human rights. Prior to this, Moe served in the Victorian Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for 15 years, as Departmental Director of Youth Ministry and local church ministry. Moe is driven by justice advocacy work, community connectedness, authentic living, building leaders, and passionately yearns to see the person of Jesus truly honored in the way we live and love.

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