Summer Camps 2024 “Live the Life”

What does it mean to “Live the Life” to the fullest? Is it living to the extreme, always chasing the next adrenaline rush? Is it making sure you have achieved all the goals you set for yourself, ticking off the to-do list for a successful life? Or is it making the world a better place? See, “Living the Life” can mean different things depending on what a person values.

For our Summer Campers, living life could be the first time getting up on a wakeboard, hitting a bullseye, or making a dessert. And while on the surface it sounds like stereotypical camp activities, they can find value in trying something that they never thought they could do or realizing that someone believes in them enough to encourage them every step of the way.

Summer Camp is more than just a holiday, it’s a safe place where you can learn new skills and meet new people. More importantly, it’s a fun, practical way to show youth how to Live the Life and how to live it with God.
Throughout the three camps, a number of campers were able to learn more about themselves from the activities they participated in. From arts and crafts, they learnt patience; from watersports, they learnt perseverance, from worship icebreakers, they learnt teamwork, and from cabin inspections, they learnt discipline and cleanliness.
These personal characteristics were further honed thanks to the inspiring words from their speaker for the week – Josh Kross (GAP), Sarah Redman (Juniors), and Rahel Gungadoo (Teens). And every night, while eagerly listening to the tales of Sarah or Rahel, they were also hearing about the lives of David and Samuel and seeing what it means to have God in their corner.

With every story Josh, Sarah and Rahel shared, they gave biblical parallels to let us know that the bible has pages upon pages of events and advice that we can refer to when we’re confused, when we need encouragement, or just when we need a simple refresher.
But the night programs were more than just inspiring messages, an atmosphere of praise and worship was cultivated by talented musicians – it’s amazing how many campers sang and danced to classics like ‘Cast Your Burdens’ and ‘Blessed Assurance’.

The icebreakers challenged campers to get to know their cabin and work together, and the Drama team presented a new episode of their interactive message every night. Every staff member used their spiritual gifts to create a safe and welcoming environment for their campers to grow.

Ultimately this year’s Summer Camp experience let all who attended know that Living a Life with God means they are not alone; that they are guided by the same Father who guided Samuel, protected by the same Lord who helped David defeat Goliath, and loved by a King that would do anything to be with them again – even give up His only Son. The impact this ministry has in undeniable. It encourages a new perspective, provides an opportunity for young people to change the way they see themselves, and most importantly it provides a space to experience Jesus and live life to the fullest.

-Naomi Janmaat – Communications Coordinator

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