Big Camp 2024 – Juniors

The Juniors Shed was once again an unforgettable experience for our young campers. The theme, The Game Plan, aimed to connect juniors to God’s ultimate game plan for their lives. Guest speaker Simon Hutton, the Chaplaincy Coordinator for Adventist Schools Victoria, shared captivating Bible stories and sports illustrations that held the attention and inspired the juniors.

Outside of the worship programs, there were many opportunities for creativity and fun. The juniors especially enjoyed the paracord bracelet craft activity organised by April Gates, a volunteer from Mildura. Even in the unrelenting heat of the weekend, the campers enjoyed the outdoors, with the Junior Olympics and the Chalk War emerging as some of the most memorable experiences. Between the praise and worship, crafts, and outdoor activities, there was something for every junior to enjoy.

The success of the annual Juniors ADRA Car Wash fundraiser added a layer of achievement. Thanks to the generosity of those donating, the fundraiser exceeded expectations, raising over $1000 – double the amount collected in the previous year. Given the dustiness of the campground, we can’t guarantee whether the cars were much cleaner after leaving the car wash.

In all the joy and laughter of camp, the part we are most excited about is the decision from more than 60 Juniors who expressed an interest in being baptised one day. As our campers head back to their families and local churches, we pray that the memories and decisions they made at camp will create a foundation for a lifelong journey with Jesus. We are already looking forward to seeing them again next year!

– Jonathon Gillard

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