VicASA–Mildura Roadtrip

VicASA–Mildura Roadtrip

The VicASA team went on a roadtrip in early August to hang out with the Mildura youth group and spend Sabbath together.

Trip leader, Moe Stiles, shares that “most of the VicASA team live in metropolitan Melbourne with easy access to all the events and ministry opportunities organised through VicYouth and now VicASA.

“Unfortunately, some of their peers and friends in regional communities often miss out on these events. Hence, this road trip! It is simply an opportunity to connect, support and encourage our church family in regional Victoria.”

University of Melbourne student Ben Pratt and Deakin student Grace Madhuvu preached on the theme of connection and belonging.

Grace shares, “The youth in Mildura were so kind and warm and it was a pleasure getting to know them. The Saturday-night closing Sabbath program was also a lot of fun, bringing together so many youth and families.

“Throughout our time there, the entire church community was so supportive in helping us with all our needs from accommodation to food. I would also like to extend a big thank you for the kindness they showed to us during our stay. It was an honour to visit your community and worship with you all.”

Victorian Adventists Students Association (VicASA) exists to support tertiary students in Victoria 📚 The VicASA team is led by Pr Moe Stiles, chaplain for tertiary institutions in Victoria, and the VicASA advisory team 🎓The VicASA team hosts events to encourage, support and cheer on young adult students as they navigate this season of life. Stay in the loop with VicASA events near you and join us on social media 👋


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