Pathfinders Victoria

Pathfinders is a fun, social and hands-on way to learn new skills and discover the world God created for us. Children aged 10 to 15 years can attend camping trips where experienced, trained volunteers will teach them survival skills, camping craft and help them discover the exciting wonders of the outdoors.

Children have the opportunity to learn about crafts and hobbies, as well as being offered a taste of future professions they may one day like to pursue. Pathfinders also focus on service, and many clubs get involved with Clean Up Australia Day as well as assisting with local food distribution organisations and shelters.

Many Seventh-day Adventist churches have a Pathfinder Club your child can join. Clubs usually meet monthly on a Saturday and/or Sunday.

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To the right is a map of active Pathfinder Clubs in Victoria (2021). If you would like to get involved, just email us at and we will get you in contact with your local club’s director.


RAMS form (June 2021) – Pathfinders

Please upload this form to SolvSafety two weeks before your activity commences.

Pathfinder Monthly Report Template – 2021

Club reports are due by the 10th of each month.

Emergency Contact Details (March 2020)

Please fill out this form and send it to your emergency contact for all pathfinder related activities.

Pathfinder Book List 2020

AUS and NZ Memory Gems 2021

JUNIOR MemGem TEST Jan – Jun 2021
TEEN MemGem TEST Jan – Jun 2021 ANSWERS
TEEN MemGem TEST Jan – Jun 2021

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Loss Notification Form

Incident Report Form


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Risk Management & Safety

Adventist Outdoor Education – summary standard operating procedures and activity notification, emergency response and risk assessment forms.

More information can be found at the South Pacific Division website
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