Youth Rally 2023: There is more

Youth Rally 2023: There is more

Youth Rally is an opportunity to gather with young people from across the state in worship and community.

This year, we met at Gilson College in the west over 6–8 October.

It was the first major youth rally to be hosted in the west (that anyone can remember; do fact check us if you’ve got an insight!)

On Friday night, we gathered for vespers and Pr Cedric invited us to “level up” with God.

On Sabbath morning, Phil served up his world-famous pancakes (if you’re a Pathfinder you know!).

On Sabbath morning, we gathered for our main service and Pr Cedric shared the Word. Over the weekend we were reminded of how with God, there is more to life (Romans 5:3–5).

Thank you to the Gilson College Church team for leading us in worship, and to all the youth groups and individuals who shared powerful special items over the weekend 🙏

In the evening we closed Sabbath under the lights in the amphitheatre, before moving into the volleyball tournament. We had 18 teams compete and the competition was fierce!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came together to host an incredible weekend 🔥

📸 Josh Bejan, Kalan Howse, Jake Stevanja

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